Approving/Denying a Claim

Once results have been claimed by a member, they can then be approved or denied by the State or National body. If member claims have been approved, they will display on the National Results Portal and assigned to the relevant Member Record. 

Quick Steps: Events > Results Manager > Results > Claims

1. Click on the Events module on the top menu

2. Click on Results Manager on the left menu > Results > Claims

3. Under the Awaiting Your Response section there will be a list of results that have been claimed by your members.

4. Click Respond > Select Approve or Deny and make any further notes against the claim.

If the claim is approved, it will be matched against the member and appears in their My Results page.

If the claim is denied, it will be moved back into the unmatched results, and available for re-claim.

5. Once approved or denied, the result will move into the Past Claims List where you are able to View the details of the claim.