Matching Results

Once results have been uploaded into the database, they can then be matched to the relevant member record. You have the ability to match a list of results for a relevant event on bulk or individually per result within the report. 

Quick Steps: Events > Results Manager > Results > Click Actions > View against the result report > Actions > Match All

1. Click on the Events module on the top menu

2. Click on Results Manager on the left menu > Results

3. Within the Result Report Listing, select Actions > View against the report you wish to match results. 

4. To match the results on bulk, click on Actions within the top right menu > Match All

5. A pop-up window will appear, select Match and the system will run a verification across the result listing with the organisation's member database and match any results by first name, last name, and Date of Birth.

6. Any results that could not be matched will remain as unmatched within the results listing

7. To individually match a result, navigate to the relevant record you wish to match. Select Actions > Match Result against this record.  

8. Begin typing in the member's name within the search bar, and the list will prepopulate with any members who match the criteria. Click on the member's name from this list and then click Check

9. A confirmation screen will appear to indicate the match was successful, click OK