Fixture Templates

Fixture Templates allow organisations to create templates by which by fixtures are calculated. Competition administrators can use fixture templates to maximize the use of Club resources, eg. Ensure all teams from the same Club are playing at home on the same week. You can create a fixture template within the system or create one within Excel using the template and upload this into the system 

Adding Fixture Templates from the Console

1. Click on Add at the top of the page.

2. Give the template a Title, as well as listing how many rounds are required, and how many games per round, then click SAVE.

Note: If using Pools, list the Pools being used, eg. Pool A, Pool B, Pool C.

3. Click Matches at the top of the page.


4. Click on Edit Round next to the first fixture of each round.

5. Drag and drop the Seeds into the Matches table to create the fixtures. This will populate all matches in this round.

6. Click Save to save your changes and then complete this process for any remaining rounds.


Adding Fixture Templates from Excel

Click Fixture Template > Upload Fixture Template 


Click on the Microsoft Excel Template > Fill out the spread sheet an example can be found in the Excel Sample > Save the template to your desktop > Fill in the Title > Select the template > Upload


Fixture Templates are optional. If you are not using fixture templates, the system will generate fixtures automatically.