Setting Up Venues

Venues are where you set up your venue location, the number of fields and assign available playing times for your matches.

To add a Venue > Go to Venues > Click Add at the top of the page.


Enter all the required fields including the name of the venue and a reference code

Name: Melbourne Cricket Ground

Code: MCG

Please Note: In MAP, enter the name of the venue as it appears in Google Maps. This will ensure a Google map of the venue is visible on the Sports portal. Alternatively, enter the longitude and latitude of the venue. 


In the facility enter the number of field there are available for all competitions

If the fields are split into multiple fields for juniors please click edit and ‘Edit Facility’, here you can rename the individual fields and divide the fields into sections. To do this, place the number of sections you would like the field to be divided into next to the corresponding field.


Click Save

Adding Venue Times


Select Times next to relevant Venue > Select Day/ Time > Click Add > Complete process until all available times have been allocated

Please Note: if you do not allocate times, venues will not be allocated when generating a fixture.


** When generating a fixture the system will take the first available match time so it is recommended that you only add the times available for a single competition, generate the fixture and repeat for additional competitions