Sport Settings

The Match Types refers to the type of match (regular season, finals, junior) and the periods within the match. When selecting the Sport from the Masters Listing the match type will have a default set up. If you want to add a different Match Type to the default please see instructions below:

To add a Match Type click ADD > Enter the Title and press save

Click on the PERIODS button      periodbutton.jpg    add in the Period Title example 1st Innings > Score Titles: 1st > Fill in applicable information > SAVE. You will then need to set the Status to active by clicking on the X


Similar to Match Types the scoring has a default score set. If you would like additional score types please click ADD fill in the Title, Code (how it is displayed on the front end), the score value > SAVE

Match Statistics 

To add any relevant match statistics to the Sport click ADD > Fill in the required information SAVE > Click on the X under Status to turn the Statistic Online

 An example of a match statistic would be ‘Hits’



Player Statistics  Player Statistics are individual statistics that allows you to record statistics against the individual players and example of this would be Home Runs

To add a player statistics click ADD > Fill in the required information SAVE. Click on the Status to turn the Statistic Online

Rank By refers to the order in which the players are displayed and ranked in the public view of the system

Column Order is the order that the statistic is displayed 


Team roles

Team Roles can be used to record managers, coach etc. for a team on any given match

To add a team role Click ADD > Enter relevant fields and click SAVE

Click on the Status to turn the Statistic Online