Booking tickets through the back end

Quick Steps: Go to TicketDesq > TicketDesq Console > Book

This tool is used for anyone to book their tickets in person, or over the phone. The ticket form is recreated with the event organiser completing the form


1. Within the Management Console, select TicketDesq from the top menu, then click on the name of the form the Ticketdesq Console

2. Select Book from the expanded left menu.

3. Complete the form with all necessary details supplied by the ticket purchaser. Ticket type, quantity required, personal information, payment details.

4. The final step is payment. Here you have the option to Promote or pay via credit card / paypal. The Promote button allocates the ticket(s) to the relevant ticket purchaser without the cost. The purchaser will then receive an email with all relevant ticket details attached.

5. Once completed, the ticket holder details will appear under your Ticketholders tab.