Building a Query

Quick Steps: Go to Members > Query Builder > Add > Build > add any relevant Filters.

1. Within the Management Console, select Members from the top menu, then Query Builder from the left menu.

2. Click Add at the top of the page.

3. Give your new query a name and then click Save.

4. Click on Build at the top of the page to being building the query. This will show you a list of all possible filters.

5. Click Add. The first join for the filter is always Where. After the first Filter the administrator sets the next join by selecting either an And or an Or, in combination with brackets to define sets of criteria.
For each filter select a join, the field and the set of criteria for the field. eg. Where (join) gender (field) equals male (criteria).

Brackets can be used to limit the way that people are selected on the different fields. Use them like you would in a maths equation to select certain criteria over others.

6. Test the query by clicking the Test button at the top of the screen, if the query has been correctly built, the system will return OK and the number of records that are being drawn from the query.