Cannot edit a members Member Type in their record

If you have a member record where you cannot change the Member Type associated to that individual this is caused by a member transfer. 

When a member is transferred to a new club their entire member history is moved with them, the new club are unable to see any transactional details from the previous club whoever the record is maintained as a continuation rather than a new record entirely. When the record is transferred the Default Subscription Type and Member Type remain as they were at the members previous club or organisation.

To change these two settings you will need to make the member financial with his new club by getting the member to pay for a club subscription. When the payment is processed and recorded in the console you will see the below changes 

  • The member will now be financial and the financial end date may change
  • The Member Type field will unlock and you will be able to edit this 
  • The Default Subscription Type will update to the correct details at the current club or organisation and you will also be able to edit this section 

If you are still not able to edit these fields please contact our support team