1. Set up the Sports Portal Settings

Quick Steps: Go to Competitions > Sports > Edit

1. Within the Management Console, select Competitions from the top menu, then click Portal Settings from the left side menu.

2. Click Edit and complete the relevant sections as follows;


Select which Menu Options display on your Sports Portal, and customise the titles of each page. 


The Summary will display on the front page of your Members Portal, providing members information about your membership offerings before they register or renew.


The Design tab allows you to select the Theme you would like to use for your Portal. This can be set up in Tools / Themes.

The Images tab allows you to upload a header, footer and other images for your page. The dimensions for your images should be as follows:

Header: 940px wide by no more than 200px high

Footer: 940px wide by no more than 40px high

Site Background:

1280px wide by 1024 high (min),

3000px wide by 1500px (max)

Top Menu & Main Menu: no more than 940px wide by 25px high