6. Creating Venue Availability

To assign a venue to a fixture, you need to have set up the times that venue is available for games on the applicable days. This assists in the fixturing so that you don't end up with two games scheduled at the same time at the same venue.

Quick Steps: Go to Competitions > Venues> Times

Setting Venue Times:

1. Within the Management Console, select Competitions from the top menu, then Venues from the left menu.

2. Select the Venue you wish to set times for, and click on Times next to the venue.

3. Select the Day and Time using the options at the top, then click Add. Repeat this for all the times that the venue is available for games.

4. Click Previous to return to the listing.


Note: Enter the standard times a venue is available eg. 9am Saturday. 

Exception dates can be applied to a competition or a season to allow for periods where a venue is unavailable.


Venue Times allows you to have set times that each venue is available and this will be factored in when creating your fixtures.