8. Adding a New Competition

Competitions can be set up only once you've completed all the steps in creating the settings for your competitions. Once all your settings are done, they are automatically imported into any competition that you set up, making it easier to create a new competition.

The basic settings for your competition cannot be changed once they are saved so it is crucial that these are correct. The different settings are explained below

Competition Type: Standard will allow the competition to run the full amount of rounds specified. Round Robin competitions will have each team play all other teams one time only and the fixture will be created to the appropriate amount of rounds for this 

Competitor Type: This is whether it is for a team or an individual

Clubs: This setting will establish whether clubs are used in your competition. There are no limits on how many teams a club can enter

Divisions: Will there be multiple divisions in your competition

Members Integration: Would you like information pulled from your Members to fill teams

Competitions can be created allowing you to utilises the Tiered Organisations that sit below you. Therefore, competitions can be created as follows;