9. Adjusting the Settings for the Competition

Once a competition has been created, some of the general competition options are fixed and cannot be edited. There is however the option to edit other settings for an individual competition if necessary.

Quick Steps: Competitions > Competition > Options

1. Within the Management Console, select Competitions from the top menu, then select the relevant Competition from the list.

2. Select Options from the left side menu and then edit the field as required followed by clicking Save.


Edit the basic information of the competition including the title, gender, age group, if their is a finals series and mobile responsiveness.


Within this tab you can set the number of teams and round in the competition followed by the days of play and default start time for competition fixtures.

Points Allocation

Enables you to edit the points allocated to teams in competition ladders based on fixture results. Please note: if point allocations are changed mid-season, points for match results already entered into the system will not be updated. This will only affect point for future results.


Allows you to edit the allowed time frame for clubs to enter their results following their fixture. 


Change the order of criteria that teams are ranked by on the competition ladder.


Alter the information provided to members when viewing the competition ladder.