Adding a Custom Page

Quick Steps: Website > User Defined Data > Category

Adding a custom page to your portal allows you to add additional information either for those looking to join your organisation, or for members once logged in. You can then add pages from your SportsTG hosted website, or link through to any other website using the Custom Page option.

1. Within the Management Console, select Website from the top menu, then User Defined Data from the left menu.

2. Select Category from the expanded left menu.

3. Select the applicable page option and click Next. For a standard web page, select Menu Option with Custom Data.

4. Complete all the relevant information for the new page, ensuring that Menu Included is set to All or Members Portal Only.

To make your page a members only page, set Public Display to No.

5. Click Save, and then Listing.

6. Click on the red cross in the Status column to set the page to Online.

Note: Custom Pages allow you to create member only pages on the member portal, or to provide additional information to members who are joining for the first time.