Adding a Menu Option Only Page

Tools > User Defined Data > Category > Add > Menu Option Only

Once you've set up your new Category in User Defined Data (for more information see 'Which option should I choose...', and chosen the option of Menu Option Only. Here's how to set up your Menu Option:

Menu Item: This is the text you want to appear in the menu that people can click on.

Menu Included: For a website select website only, if you select All, the menu will also appear on Josh’s online store.

Menu Location: Top menu appears above the banner, main menu/left menu appears either below the banner on a horizontal menu or in the left column of a vertical menu.

URL: This option only appears on Menu Option. You can link to an external website by using this field.

New Window: This option only appears on Menu Option. If yes, the link will open in a new window.

Display: Public allows everyone to see the menu, private will only allow someone who’s logged in to see it. Given you don’t have members, always set public.

Column Option: Select the number of columns you’d like to display on the page

Order: This is the order you want the menu to display in relevant to the order of the other menus.