Adding An Entrant

Quick Steps: Go to Events > Select Event > Add Entrant

1. Within the Management Console, select Events from the top menu, then click on the relevant event

2. Select Add Entrant from the expanded left menu

3. Select relevant Entry Type, and then click on the Personal Data tab. Complete the entrant's details, then click Save and Continue

If your event is using Early Bird or Late Entry pricing, the Entry Types will allow you to select which payment level the entrant should be at as well

4. Click on the Entry Form tab, complete any additional questions that are required for your event, then click Save

5. Click the Promote / Pay button to make payment for the entry

6. To pay their entry via Credit Card, click on Offline Credit Card Payment, complete their details and click Process Payment. If it is a Manual Payment, you can click Process Payment to select their payment method. If it is a Complimentary Entry click on Promote to process the payment through the system without payment

Additional Information

Adding Entrants through the Management Console gives event organisers the freedom to coordinate Complimentary Entries, as well as allowing them to take manual entries through a traditional method.