Adding Custom Fields

Quick Steps: Go to Administration > Custom Fields > Edit. Complete the details for each field to be added.

1. Within the Management Console, select Administration from the top menu, then Custom Fields from the left menu

2. Click Edit at the top of the page

3. Complete all relevant fields for the custom fields that you want to create

Each organisation has the following options available to them: 6 Text Box Fields, 4 Date Fields, 4 Yes/No Fields, 2 Number Fields and 4 List Box Fields. These Fields will display in that order on the Registration Form

When creating a Custom Field the following options display, and should be set to your organisation's requirements:

  • Show:Whether this field displays in the Member Record in the Console
  • Required: Whether this is a required field or not
  • Register: Whether a Member has the option to answer this question when completing a New Registration
  • Member: Whether a Member has the option to answer or edit this question when Renewing their Registration or Editing their Profile
  • View: If sitting in a Tiered Organisation, whether Organisations in the other Tiers can see this Custom Field
  • Edit: If sitting in a Tiered Organisation, whether current or other Organisations in the Tiers can edit the responses to this Custom Field

List Box Questions will also have an Options field, which provides the options for the Member to answer. These should be set up separated by a comma, with no space between them. (eg. 1,2,3,4,5). You should only list the options available to answer in this field

Yes/No Questions will also have a Default field, which determines whether Yes or No will be the Default Selected Answer to the question for the Member to update and amend.

4. Once you have made your changes, click Save and your changes will now be reflected in the Member Profile

Additional Information:
If you have previously used a Custom Field and then begin using it again, then the Member answers for the previous question will still be stored in the system. If you want to change the ordering of your Custom Fields, this will also be affected. Please contact your STG Account Manager or STG Support in this situation.