Adding Officials

Quick Steps: Go to Competitions > Officials > Add 

Sports has the capacity to host all of your Officials in an Officials database. These officials can be selected from your Member Database and recognised as an official within the Sports module. You can then set the officials for each game to allow them access to update scores and other match information.

Adding Officials:

1. Within the Management Console, select COMPETITIONS from the top menu, then OFFICIALS from the left menu.

2. Click on the ADD tab.

3. Find the member that you wish to add as an official using the filters at the top of the page.

4. Click ATTACH MEMBER to add the member as an official.

To allocate an official to an official type, please see the below.

1. In OFFICIALS, edit relevant official record

2. Select official type

3. Click SAVE

Once you've added a member as an official you can then select that member as an official for any match, allowing them access to update scores and match data.