Allocating Bibs To An Entrant Automatically

Quick Steps: Events > Event > Basic Information > Other > Bib System

1. Within the Management Console, select Events from the top menu. Select the Event and click on Basic Information from the left menu. Click Edit from the top of the page, under the Other tab, set Bib System to Yes and click Save

2. Click on the Bib System button at the top of the page. Click Add to create a Bib Counter

3. Nominate a Title for the Counter (i.e. Marathon A Group)
The option to add a Prefix for the Bib number that is assigned to an Entrant (i.e. 'ABC'123)

4. Enter the next available number in the Bib Counter field (i.e. 123)
5. Click Save
6. Click on Entry Types from the left menu and click on the Edit button next to an Entry Type. Click on the Other tab and select the Bib Counter that applies to this Entry Type. Click Save to apply changes.

Additional Information

If your Event is already live before you set up automatic Bib Numbers, you can assign Bib Numbers to all previous Entrants by clicking on BIB ALLOCATION in the BIB SYSTEM area.

This will assign Bib Numbers to all Accepted Entrants in your Event that have an Entry Type with a Bib Counter.