The settings in ‘Options’ are the default settings for every competition created. There is however the option to edit these settings for an individual competition if necessary.

Quick Steps: Competitions > Select Competition > Options

1. Within the Management Console, select Competition from the top menu, then click on the relevant competition. Then from the left hand menu select Options

Editing the General Settings for a Competition

General Tab - In this area the Competition Type, Competitor Type, Clubs and Divison are locked off and are not able to be edited once the competition has been created.

The Competition Name, Gender, Age Level, Final Series and Mobile options can be altered.

Fixture Tab - Here the administrator is able to change settings such as the Teams Required and Rounds play, as well as the days in which the competition will be held and the default start time.

Points Allocation - enter the default settings for how points are allocated to a team based on their results.

Results - Enter the relevant 'cut-off' times administrators have to enter results/statistics etc.

Ranking - refers to how teams will be ranked on the Ladder

Ladder - layout refers to what will display on the basic and detailed ladder on the Portal

In this area the administrator is also able to edit the MATCH TYPE, SCORING, MATCH STATISTICS, PLAYER STATISTICS and TEAM ROLES. Further information on how these areas can be configured can be found in Step 2: Review (and edit) the Sports Settings.