Creating 'Generic' Promotional PIN for a single Entry Type 

Quick Steps: Entry Types > Edit > Other > Pin > Generic

1. Within the Management Console, select Events from the top menu, then click on the event

2. Select Entry Types from the expanded left menu

3. Click Edit next to the Entry Type you want to create a PIN Code for, and then select the Other tab to access the PIN Information

4. Select the Generic option

5. Select whether the PIN should be an Access or Discount PIN

If it is an Access PIN, it will ask you for a Code and then the End Date

If it’s a Discount PIN, it will also ask for the amount of discount to be applied. This can be set to a Dollar or Percentage amount

6. Click Save

Additional Notes:

Individual Pin Codes for each Entry Type can only be either Access OR Discount, the system will not work correctly if you try to create PIN Codes of both types for an individual Entry Type.