Cross-Division Finals Series

It is possible to have a finals series played between two different divisions or competitions as long as they are in the same season

1. Select Competitions from the top menu

2. Choose the relevant competition from the competitions listing

3. Go to Divisions on the left hand menu

4. Edit the divisions you would like to have finals for. Select Final Series Yes 

5. Create a new division

Enter the name as Finals and select Finals Series Yes and under fixture ensure that Inter-Division Fixtures is set to Yes

Choose all other details as appropriate and Save

6. Select Finals from the left hand menu

7. Choose the appropriate division from the drop down list

8. Select Generate Finals

Choose the appropriate settings for the finals series 

Best of Series Interval relates to the number of days between best of series games

9. The External Qualifiers allows you to choose where the divisional teams come into play

10. Select Generate Finals