Customising Transaction Receipts

Quick Steps: Subscriptions > Subscription Types > Edit > Receipt

Customised Receipts allow you to add your organisation's branding and information into the receipts that your members receive upon payment. This allows you to add custom colours, images and text to ensure that your members receive all the information that you need them to upon registration.

1. Within the Management Console, select Subscriptions from the top menu, then Subscription Types from the left menu.

2. Select Edit next to the Subscription Type that you wish to customise the receipt for.

3. Select the Receipt tab and click No if you would like to customise your receipt. 

4. Use the WYSIWYG editor to add text and images.

5. Once completed, click Save.

Note: Customised Receipts give you an additional space to increase branding, show sponsor information and reiterate important information to your members, use this space effectively to promote your branding.SportsTG provides a standard receipt sent to all members upon registration. This receipt includes the Date receipt is issued, Billing Address, Date of Transaction, Payment Reference Number, Subscription Type, Subscription Details and the Amount.