Deleting a Product

Quick Steps: Shop > Products > Products

Sometimes you'll need to remove a product because it is no longer available and will not be available in the future, this can easily be done, though it does not completely remove it, so always be careful when deleting products.

1. Within the Management Console, select Shop from the top menu, then Products from the left menu.

2. Select Products from the expanded left menu.

3. Click on Edit next to the product that you wish to delete.

4. Go to Price & Stock Information, and set Units Grid to No and Units on Hand to 0. This will ensure that there are no units left available for the product.

5. Click Save, then Listing to go back to the Products Listing.

6. Click Delete next to the product, then Delete Record to confirm your deletion of the product.

Note: When you need to remove a product because it is no longer available, you should set the Units to 0 before deleting to ensure that those with a direct link to the product can not make a purchase though the item is no longer available.