Distribution Lists

Quick Steps: Members > Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists allow your organisation to put members into mailing lists based on different criteria, or allow members to sign up for certain mailing lists. Distribution Lists allow administrators to have any number of separate mailing lists depending on the needs of your Organisation that allow you to send emails out to members. Examples of lists include: members from certain areas or have attended certain events, weekly or monthly newsletters and daily news bulletins.

1. Within the Management Console, select Members from the top menu, then Distribution Lists from the left menu.

2. From the Distribution Lists screen you can perform a number of actions as shown below.

  • Add a new Distribution List
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe members of a list
  • View members attached to a Distribution List
  • Attach members to a Distribution List
  • Edit or remove an existing Distribution List
  • Copy an existing Distribution List

Note: Members can be added to Distribution Lists through a Member Record, Member Type, Member Groups or a Member Query. Use each of these options to add members to a distribution list and then send your Email Campaigns as required.