Entering Match Statistics 

Quick Steps: Go to Competitions > Select Relevant Competition > Select Relevant Round > Enter Results > Login > Match > Statistics > Save Statistics

Team Administrators have the capability to not only enter the results for fixtures on the Sports Portal, but also to add statistics for the match based upon the options that have been set up by the Competition Administrator.

Uploading Match Statistics

1. Within Competitions, select the competition that you are administering.

2. Select Fixtures and then the upcoming round.

3. Click the Enter Results icon next to the relevant fixture.

4. Enter your Username and password to log into the administration area.

5. Select Match and then Statistics.

6. Enter the statistics for the match, then click Save Statistics.

Match Statistics allow Team Administrators to track the overall team performance, as well as allow the Competition Administrators to track pieces of information that may call for bonus points or point deductions.