Generating A Campaign

Sending an Email via Email Database:

1. Within the Management Console, select Tools from the top menu, then Email Databases and Generate Campaign.

2. Select Database for sending campaign, click Next, select correct template and then click Next.
3. From here:
a) Add a campaign title. This is for the back end of the system only. Recipients will not see this.
b) Ensure unsubscribe option is always at Yes.
c) Click Generate. This will then send the email.
To view the statistics of the campaign, click on Manage Campaign on the left hand side, and select the database that you sent the email too. It will bring up statistics.
Note: Please allow some time for the email to be sent. Once the email has been generated, it will be placed in a queue and may be sent in 1 minute or 1 hour – depending on other emails in the queue that are currently being sent