Google Adwords

Quick Steps: Go to Events > Event Name > Entry Types > Edit > Google Adwords

The Google AdWords function in Events is integrated with Google Analytics. This function can assist in attracting participants to your event by advertising with Google AdWords ads, in the Sponsored Links section next to search results, boosting website traffic and Events registrations.

Google AdWords:

1. Click here to go to Google AdWords and set up your Advertisement and grab your code.

2. Within the Management Console, select EVENTS from the top menu, then EVENTS from the listing.

3. Select ENTRY TYPE from the expanded left menu.

4. Click EDIT then go to the GOOGLE ADWORDS tab.

5. Paste your code.

6. Click SAVE and you will now be able to track this data through Google AdWords.

You must have a Google AdWords and Google Analytics account to be able to use this functionality.