Including Images in Your Welcome Page

Images are a great way to draw your customers in to bidding on items. It also gives you another opportunity to promote your brand and customise your Auction portal.


To do this you need to Upload your Image in Tools from the top menu then select Image Gallery, then Images, and then press Upload Images

Once that has been uploaded you Copy the asset that is provided ie. /assets/console/gallery/images/Hero_AuctionSite_ComingSoon.jpg

 This is found when you click on the Image Title      

 Then Copy the Website URL


 To add the image into your Welcome message page, go nto the Auction Portal by Selecting Auction, then Options and then Edit then Welcome. To Add the image select he Image Icon


 Include the Asset where it says Source


Then Ok, and press Save

 It may take a moment or so for the image to appear on the site depending on what browser you are using.

 Try refreshing your Auction url page or clearing your cache if it hasn't appeared in 10 mins.