Introducing Events Query Builder

Quick Steps: Go to Events > Select Event > Query Builder

The query builder can be used in many ways by your organisation to run reports on your entrants. It enables you to sort your entrants based upon specialised criteria, defined by you. Examples of how this can be used include: Entrants with a DOB > 26-Dec-2004, that live in Melbourne and are Female.  

Introducing Query Builder:

1. Within the Management Console, select EVENTS from the top menu, then login to your event. 

2. From the side menu select QUERY BUILDER. 

3. From this screen you can perform a number of actions as shown below.

  • Create a new Query
  • Build a Query
  • Edit an existing Query
  • Test a Query

Queries can be built to find any number of combinations of your entrants. They run like Access queries, so if you've got a basic knowledge of Access, you'll find it easy to pick up.