Introducing Subscription Tags

Quick Steps: Subscriptions > Subscriptions - Tags

Subscription Tags allow organisations to create a list of Tags that are used to associate with Subscription Types generally for the purpose of Membership Cards or other printable lists. This allows the organisation to add tags and then attach them to different Subscription Types so that these tags will stay attached to the payment any member makes with that Subscription Type. The tags are then exportable to help with processing.

1. Within the Management Console, select Subscriptions from the top menu, then Subscriptions - Tags from the left menu.

2. From the Subscription Tags screen you can perform a number of actions, as shown below:

  • Add a new Subscription Tag
  • Edit an existing Subscription Tag
  • View only Tags associated with a certain Index
  • Delete Tags

Note: Subscription Tags are a great asset for organisations who have standard information that needs to be printed on Membership Cards that changes from membership to membership to ensure that the correct information is printed on each card.