Linking Members

Quick Steps: Members > Members Listing > Search & View Primary Member > Links > Search for Member to be Linked to the Primary Member

1. Within the Management Console, select Members from the top menu, then Members Listing from the left menu

2. Complete a search for the member that you wish to create links for, click Edit next to their name, click on the Links tab and set them as a Primary Member, then Save

3. Click on the Links button at the top of their Member Detail page

4. On this page you will need to find the Secondary Members to attach to the Primary Member, in other words, the other members of the family or group membership. You can do this by completing the relevant fields and clicking on Search

5. To attach the Secondary Member, click on the Link button, displayed by a link of chains to the right of the Member’s name, this will then attach the member underneath the Primary Member in the membership

Additional Information:

To be able to create the links, you first need to set the Primary Member, this is usually the Parent, Main Adult or Eldest Child in the membership. You can edit this by going into the Primary Member’s record, and selecting ‘Yes’ to ‘Primary Member’ under ‘Links’. Once the Primary Member has been selected, the Links button will appear on their Member Detail page