Managing Barcode Sets

Quick Steps: Tools > Barcodes > Manage Barcode Sets

In this section of the database, administrators are able to create barcodes sets that are allocated to relevant subscription types; This section also shows a brief summary, per set, of how many barcodes have been assigned and how many barcodes are remaining.

1.Using the attached Barcode_Template_2016.csv - enter your barcode data. Each barcode type should be saved in its own file. Be sure to save this information in a .csv format. Remove any sample text in the file. Do not delete any columns from this template.

2. Go to Tools, then Barcodes along the left hand menu.

3. From the expanded left hand menu select, Manage Barcode Sets

4. Select New Set

5. Give the barcode set a Title, and browse for the file.

6. Click on Create

7. Once the file has uploaded, it will note how many barcodes were created and how many were skipped.