Managing Teams

Quick Steps: Go to Events > Event Console > Teams

1. Within the Management Console, select Events from the top menu, then Event Console next to the Event

2. Select Teams from the expanded left menu
This will automatically open onto the Pending Teams list

3. Find the team that you wish to Approve or Reject. Click either Accept Team or Reject Team in the Actions column. You can then also send them the Acceptance Email or Rejection Email

4. Click Accepted at the top of the page to see your accepted teams
Here you can do one of the following:

Click Edit to make changes to team details
Click View to view team details
Click Members to view registered members of the team
Click Email to send an email to the team captain

  • Choose the Email Template that you wish to use, or leave as Blank Template, then click Next
  • Complete the details of the email, then click Send Email

Click Status to change the status of the team

5. Select Export at the top of the page. This will download an Excel file with your teams' details in it, including Team Name, Team Captain, Contact Details, Category and Payment Option. This can be done from the Pending, Accepted or Rejected Team Lists