Merging Member Records

Quick Steps: Members > Members Listing > View Member Record > Merge > Search for the member you're merging with > Merge the old record into the new record

1. Within the Management Console, select Members from the top menu, then Members Listing from the left menu

2. Search for the member that is currently Financial that you will to merge the Unfinancial record into

3. Click the View icon next to the member's name, then select the Merge button at the top of the member record

4. Enter the first or last name of the member you wish to merge with and click the Search button. The matching members will then be listed on screen

5. Click on the Red or Green icon for the record you wish to merge from or to;

  • If you are viewing the member record that you wish to keep, once you have searched for the secondary record to merge, use the Green Icon (Preferred Method)
  • If you are viewing the member that you wish you remove, once you have searched for the secondary record to merge, use the Red Icon

6. Click OK to confirm the merge. Note: that once the merge is completed, the records cannot be reversed.

7. Click on the Previous button to return to the member’s record

Additional Information: Always make sure that you're merging the Unfinancial record into the Financial record to ensure that your member maintains their financial status and their ability to access their membership.