PIN Managers for Classic Events

PIN Managers are people that manage PIN Sets, they can also have access to an online management portal specific to their PIN Set. To create a PIN Manager please follow the below steps


1. Go to Events and select the relevant Event Console

2. Select PIN Management from the left hand side and PIN Managers from the expanded menu 

3. Select Actions and Add to create a new PIN Manager

4. Complete the fields as listed below 

Title: this needs to be the Manager identifier (ie John Smith, ANZ Bank, Internal Manager etc). These identifiers appear in a drop-down list you need to select from later on, so make sure it is something you recognise

First and Last Name: this cna be an individual if you're awarding it to someone as a prize or promotion. It can be a business name if you are giving it to a sponsor or event partner

Email Address: required in order to send the PIN Managers login details to access their PIN Portal. The Manager will receive an automated email with the details you enter below, plus the URL link to access their individual PIN Portal 

Username and Password: these details are used to login to a PIN Manager Portal where the Manager can view/assign the PINS they own. You can either customise these details or leave them with the auto-populated details the system has generated

Expiry Date and Time: select a date and time when you want the PIN manager access to expire (ie it will no longer work)

Portal Access: if set to yes, the PIN Manager will be able to login to their own online PIN Portal. If set to no, the PIN Manager wil not have access to this resource to manage their PINS