Refunding a Transaction

Quick Steps: Go to Subscriptions > Transactions > Unpaid or Paid > Find the transaction > Cancel > Cancelled > Refund 

1. Within the Management Console, select Subscriptions from the top menu, then Transactions from the left menu.

2. Select Cancelled from the expanded left menu.

3. Click on the $ sign next to the member that you have cancelled, fill out the required information and click Process

Cancelling an unpaid transaction can be done if a payment has been generated for a member and they have either already reregistered through the Members portal, or they have chosen not to renew their membership with your organisation.

The ability to refund a member will only show if the member has paid online through the Members portal or an Offline Credit Card transaction has been processed through the console.

You can also cancel and refund from the members record. To do this please go to Members, Members Listing and click on the member record.  Click on the History button, and then click on the Subscriptions tab. Click Cancel next to the subscription. A $ sign will then appear next to the members cancelled subscription. From here you can click on the $ sign and process the refund.