Reserved Seating - Update Status

The Update Status function within Reserved Seating provides an easy to use tool to make a mass update to seat status' within the system. This will take all seats of a particular status (either all sections or a single selected section) and update them to the new status you have nominated.

In doing so, it is optional as to whether or not you remove the seat from the members account.

Update Status can be found within Tools > Reserved Seating > Sections. The Status button can be found at the top of the page.

Upon clicking the Status button you have three drop downs and a radio button selection. These are as follows:

Current Status: Here you select the current seat status that you wish to updated.
Replacement Status: This is the status you wish to update the current status to.
Section Selection: Here you can select All Sections or an individual section.
Member Reset: In setting to YES, this clears any seats of the CURRENT STATUS from members accounts. Setting to NO, will keep the seat/s allocated to the member and update the status as per the status selected in the REPLACEMENT STATUS drop down.


The most common update is to move Pending seats to Available and move Allocated seats to Pending in preparation for a new membership season. These are the steps.

1. Move Pending to Available - Set as the following: Current Status = Pending, Replacement Status = Available, Section Selection = All Sections, Member Reset = Yes

This will make all pending seats available, in all sections and remove any pending seats from members accounts. Pending seats in most cases are seen as those that a member has not renewed.

2. Move Allocated to Pending - Set as the following: Current Status = Allocated, Replacement Status = Pending, Section Selection = All Sections, Member Reset = No.

This will move all Allocated seats from the previous year, to Pending in preparation for the new season. Setting member reset to no will ensure that the seat is not cleared from the members account.