Review (and edit) the Sport Settings

The sport setting is the overall sport settings that can be applied across all of your competitions (note - it is also possible to edit these settings per competition, this is addressed in point 9: Adjusting the Settings For The Competition)

1. Click on the Competitions module along the top menu

2. Select the Sports tab on the left-side menu, then select Manager from the drop-down list within this tab

3. As part of an organisation within the Hockey structure, you will see a list of sports with all of relevant areas you are able to edit / add settings for your competition; Settings, Match Types, Score Types, Team Stats, Player Stats, Team Roles, and Enabled.

4. To begin, click on the Edit Settings icon underneath the Settings Column to start

Points Allocation: This indicates the number of points that are allocated for a particular result to a team, work through each option and input the number of points allocated. The second half of this tab contains areas to input default scores that will be allocated for particular match results, input these score within the boxes provided.

Results: This allows you to input a cut-off time in which results can no longer be entered by the relevant teams, this is only applicable if you allow the teams within your competition to input the results online via the portal after each game. 

Ladder Ranking: This tab determines how your ladder will be calculated for the sport. Move the relevant statistics from the 'available' to the 'current' column that you use to calculate the ladder. Ladders are ranked according to the order of statistics in 'Current'.

Ladder Options: This allows you to select your preferences for how games are calculated for different result types. 

Members Integration: Allows you to setup validation by subscription type. If this setting is enabled, then the system will check on the member via Members to determine whether the member has the relevant subscription type on their profile. If they do not, then the member will not appear on the list of players to select for a game. The benefit of this setting is that it ensures only registered / financial players will be eligible for selection. 

5. Click Save

6. Select Match Types and Score Types and review the relevant set ups 

7. From here, select the Team Statistics option. Should you wish to create your own team statistics to report on, select the Actions menu item > Add

8. Select the Player Statistics option. Should you wish to create your own player statistics to report on, select the Actions menu item > Add. This means after each game has been completed, the relevant administrator is able to attribute these statistics to a player which can then subsequently be reported on.

9. Select the Team Roles option. Should you wish to create your own team roles (for example; coach, team manager), select the Actions menu item > Add.