Set up the Sports Portal Settings

The first step in setting up your Sports competition is to customise the Sports competition portal - this is the public facing URL that your members and the public will see. Note that setting up the specific portal settings is optional, if you choose not to update this area then the portal will always default to a standard theme blank theme

1. Click on the Competitions module along the top menu 

2. Select the Settings tab on the left - side menu

3. Click on the Edit button within the General screen

4. Fill in all of the relevant details on the General Tab

Page Title: The heading that will display along the top of the competitions portal

External Link: If you wish to provide the option to link to an external website (e.g State or National website) within your competition portal select 'Yes'

External Link Title: Give the external link a title (this will display as the menu option)

External Link URL: Input the website address (URL)

Contact Us: If 'yes' is selected, a Contact Us form will be available that allows people to submit a form directly to your organisation

Google Analytics ID: Input your Google Analytics tracking code in order to report on website traffic within your competition portal. For further information on setting up a Google Analytics account click here

5. Move across to the Welcome/Notice Tab to input a short summary regarding the competition portal. This will display on your competition homepage, underneath the main competition title, please note this is not mandatory to fill in. 

6. Now move across to the Images & Styles tab and proceed to input further images and a background in order to tailor the portal to your organisation's brand. 

Header Image: This spans the width of the top menu

Background Image: Gives you the ability to upload an image for the background of the Sports site.

Heading 1 (& 2) Colour: Allows you to select a different font colour for your competition heading

Navigation Background Colour: When clicking on different tabs within a competition, you can select for the colour to change

7. The last tab for customising is the Theme - themes are created in your database and can be applied across all of the modules. For information on creating a Theme click here

8. Click the Save button 

Your portal is now customised to your sporting organisation and you can proceed to set up your competition.