Setting Postage Options for an Item

Once you've added an Item you can then add the Postage Options for that item. You can attach any of your standard Postage Options to each item, depending on the size or weight of the item, or the location it will be sent to.

Quick Steps: Go to Auction > Lots > Add 

Adding an Auction Item:

1. Within the Management Console, select Auction from the top menu, then Lots from the left menu.

2. Click View next to the item that you wish to add Postage Options to.

3. Select the Postage tab.

4. Click Link Member next to the Available Options that you wish to be available for that item. Any options under Selected Options are already attached to that item.

Set up all of your potential Postage Options within the Postage Options menu before attaching to items so that you can save time when running future auctions.