Setting up Auto Reminders

Quick Steps: Subscriptions > Subscription Types > Edit > Auto Reminder

Auto Reminders allow your members to be sent an email when their membership is close to expiring. It allows you to remind members that they need to renew their membership as well as point them towards where they can do so.

1. Within the Management Console, select Subscriptions from the top menu, then Subscription Types from the left menu.

2. Select Edit next to the Subscription Type that you wish to set an Auto Reminder on.

3. Select the Auto Reminder tab. Choose either Yes - Reminder or Yes - New Account.

  • Yes - Reminder will send an email to a member when their membership is close to expiring.
  • Yes - New Account will create a new account for your member to pay off at this point.

4. Choose the amount of days before expiry you would like the email sent.

5. Give the email a Subject line and complete the Detail of the email.

6. Once all details have been completed, click Save.

Note: Auto Reminders will send to your members at this point whether they have renewed already or not. This is because the Auto Reminder reads off the previous Transaction, not any new ones that may have been created.