Setting Up Team Entry

Quick Steps: Go to Events > Event Console > Teams

1. Within the Management Console, select Events from the top menu, then Event Console next to the Event

2. Select Team from the expanded left menu

3. Select Options. From here you can create the settings for your Teams Entry using the information below as a guide:

General: set Teams to Yes, then select the various options

In this area you are able to insert the team entrant limit in the Maximum Entrants per Team text field box. Once the number of team members is reached the team will be disabled for selection from the front end form

At the bottom of the page, you will see Teams Registration Pay Option (Front End). This option allows you to Show or Hide the ability to choose different payment options. If hidden, it will be set to default that all Team Members pay for themselves.

You can then set the Payment Option:

Pay Now means each Team Member pays for themselves via Credit Card online

Pay Later means that the Team Member submits their entry online which is then paid for later by the Team Manager

Both allows for either method to be used

Summary: The information that will display on the front end form when a Team Manager goes to register their Team Name

Confirmation: The Confirmation message that will be sent to a Team Manager upon submission of their team, if no Approval Process is set. Click Here to find out which Merge Fields are available for this email

Accept Message: The automatic message that will be sent to Team Managers once their team is approved, if the Approval Process is set to Yes

Reject Message: The automatic message that will be sent to Team Managers if their team is rejected, if the Approval Process is set to Yes

4. Once you've set up all your options, click Save and Teams Entry will now be available on your Events form