Setting Up Unique Promotion Codes

Quick Steps: Shop > Marketing > Promotions

Once you have set up a Promotion Code and selected Unique as the Type of code, you will be able to then generate your codes.

1. Login to the console, and select Shop from the top menu, then Marketing from the left menu.

2. Select Promotions from the expanded menu

3. View a Promotion that has previously been created, or create a new Promotion Code

4. Select Generate Codes

5. Enter in the Prefix of the Codes and the Amount you would like to Generate.

  • Prefix - Choose what you would like to enter in as the prefix of your unique code word. Can be up to 10 characters. For eg. MEMBERCODE
  • Units - How many unique codes you require. For eg. 1000 to generate 1000 unique code words.

6. Select Generate to download all the codes in an Excel spread sheet.