Viewing Refunds

Quick Steps: Shop > Order Management > Refunds Listing

You can view any refunds that have been issued through the Refunds Listing, which enables you to track what orders have had refunds processed and ensure that all refunds have been carried out as per your organisation's procedures.

1. Within the Management Console, select Shop from the top menu, then Order Management from the left menu.

2. Select Refunds Listing from the expanded left menu.

3. This allows you to view all refunds that have been processed by your organisation through Shop. Here you can:

  • Click View to see the details of the refund, including any comments that have been placed and initials for the person that issued the refund.
  • Reissue a receipt to the customer by clicking on Receipt next to the relevant order.
  • Pull a Report or Export of Refunds.

Note: Use the Refunds Listing to ensure that all refunds have been processed in line with your organisation's Refund Procedures.