Step 1: Setting up the Member Options

Quick Steps: Members > Options

The first step of setting up your membership is configuring your Member settings.

1. Click on Members and then Options

2. Click Edit and make any changes, then click Save


Select which fields will display and are mandatory for members to fill out. These fields will appear when member registers or renews online and when an administrator is adding or updating a member record


The Duplication verification can be set to ensure that members that are already in the organisation do not create multiple member records for the one person. You can select the appropriate combination from the drop down list

Member Login

Determines which members can login to the Members Portal

Membership Numbers

STG provide a number of alternatives for assigning Member Numbers. A Member Number can be automatically assigned to a member upon registration, or a member number can be manually assigned by an administrator

Manual Member Number Allocation 

This will ensure a membership number is not assigned upon adding a member to the system

  • Automatic Membership Numbers

When automatic member numbers are set to yes all members will be automatically be allocated a number.

The Online Registration Option will ensure an Online member registering via the front end Member Portal will automatically be assigned a member number during the registration process before they are made an Active member by an administrator.

If this option is set to No, a member who registers online view the Member Portal will not be assigned a member number until they have been made an Active member by an administrator.

You can insert the next member number you would like allocated in the Membership Number Sequence field.

In the Unallocated Membership Number field, insert the text to be displayed for a member who has registered and will be assigned a membership number upon being made an Active member.

Tiered Organisations

If your organisation is in a tiered environment where your membership numbers are automatic and set from one of the tiers above, these options will reflect that tier and be locked down

Note Types

Notes can be used by your organisation to maintain information on your members that might not fit into your standard fields. This information can only be viewed by administrators of your organisation and enables you to track things such as suspensions, feedback and member issues.

To create your Note Types enter in your text (eg. Member Feedback), separate each note type with a comma. The note types will then display in a dropdown menu on the Member Record to allow you to track different information in different categories.