Step 5: Creating the Entry Form Questions

Quick Steps: Events > Event Console > Question Sections > Add > Entry Form Questions > Add

1. Within the Management Console, select Events from the top menu, then click on the name of the event, or the Event Console button to enter the Event Console

2. Select Question Sections from the expanded left menu

3. Click Add at the top of the page

4. Give your Question Section a Title and an Order, then click Save.

It is important that each Question Section has a different number in Order to ensure that your questions display in the correct order.

5. Select Entry Form Questions from the expanded left menu.

6. Click Add at the top of the page. 

7. Select the Question Type that you wish to use from the drop-down menu. The question types available to you are:

Single Line: any question that requires less than a 50 character answer.

Multi Line: any question that requires more than a 50 characters answer.

List Box: A drop-down menu question, allowing entrants to select one.

Options Buttons: allows you to create multiple options and allow entrants to select either one or multiple.

Date: any questions where the answer must be in date format.

Number: any question where the answer must be in number format.

Hours & Minutes: allows entrants to answer with hours and minutes.

Yes & No: Yes or No question.

Tick Box: allows administrators to create a question that requires entrants to tick the box.

Country: Country question.

Comment Only: will not provide a question, but can be used to insert a comment in regards to a question.

8. When you've made your selection, click Next.

9. Create the question, making sure to give it an Order number, as well as options if required.

10. When you have created the question, click Save.

Additional Information: All Events forms must have a Question Section

Step 6: Adding Entry Types