Step 8: Testing the Members Form and Setting it Live


Part 1: Members > MemberDesq > Edit > Register & Renewal > Select the Menu Option > Save

Part 2: Subscriptions > Subscription Types > Edit > Include Subscription in Member's Section/Portal: Yes > Save

Part 3: Members > MemberDesq > MemberDesq 

1. Click on Members, the MemberDesq

2. Click Edit and go scroll down to the Register and Renewal section, select the relevant option and Save

3. In the top menu select Subscriptions and then Subscription Types, click Edit next to the relevant subscription and click on the Member tab, Change the Include Subscription In Member's Section to Yes and Save

4. Go back to Members and click on MemberDesq and then the MemberDesq button, this will take you to the public front end Member Portal

5. Select New Registration to view and test the form

6. Once you are happy with the form, your membership is ready to go Live


With some registrations by members our payment gateway sometimes takes out a $1 amount from a members bank account as a way of verifying the payment method used to pay for registrations. Without context, this can cause registrants to query the charge and think that they are being scammed when they are not- this is a normal process between payment gateways and banks and the $1 fee will be returned back into the members account within the next 1-2 business days. This will only be a once off occurance as it is usually done only when using a specific payment method for the very first time.