5. Adding Inventory

Quick Steps: TicketDesq > Select Event > Inventory > Add

Inventory specifies the class of ticket being purchased. They allow the organization to set different ticket price points based upon age (senior/adult/concession) and factors specific to the event.

1. Within the Management Console, select TicketDesq from the top menu, select the event, and then Inventory from the left menu.

2. Select Add at the top of the page.

3. Complete all relevant fields for the new inventory type.

Any fields marked with a red dot are required fields and must be completed before you click Save.

Fields to be aware of when creating your Inventory include:

Inventory Type: All inventory must be linked from an Inventory Type.

Booking Fee: With the purchase of this ticket, a booking fee can be applied which will be passed onto the customer as part of the payment process.

M: when this inventory is purchased, the purchased unit can be deducted from either the Inventory or the Inventory Type depending on the selection made.

Initial Units: The number of available tickets. This number can be increased/decreased at a later date if required.

Maximum Units: The limit on the number of units that can be purchased in one transaction.

Show Online: Determines if this purchase option will be available for the public to select.

In the Date Control tab you will need to set the period which this inventory option is available to the public. This purchase  option will only be visible within the set date range.

In the Detail tab you have the option add any additional information relating to the type.

In the Ticket tab you allows you select if customers will be emailed a ticket following purchase as well as design the ticket. For more information, please see Setting Up Your Ticket article.

You can also specify what information is required from the customer to complete a purchase with the Verification option.

The ability for customers to request a ticket change through the online system can be enabled or disabled and a fee can be specified where applicable. 

The Membership tab provides the option to restrict purchases to only registered members. Further to this, you can restrict purchase to only select member types.