Tiered Organisations Payments Received

Quick Steps: Go to Subscriptions > Transactions > State/Club Payments Received

1. Within the Management Console, select Subscriptions from the top menu, then Transactions from the left menu.

2. Select State/Club Payments Received - if a Tier 1 organsiation, or Select Club Payments Received - if a Tier 2 organisation, from the expanded left menu. (This may display with different wording depending on your organisation's preferences.)

This will display a list of payments received by your Organisation from the members of your entities below.
At the top of the page, it gives you an option of Category, use this drop down menu to filter payments made by different methods.

By default, this will show all payments (including payments made to Tier 1 only), so please add a State/Club filter to narrow down the search

3. You can then filter payments using the Filter icon to limit the dates of payments displaying.
Note: that the Tier 1 payments will appear in this listing until a specific State/Club filter has been selected.

4. You can now pull reports for the selected filters.
Use the Report, Export, Template and Summary buttons to pull reports on the payments that have been made.

Additional Information:
Within the Transactions area of the system, you have the ability to view a comprehensive list of Payments that have been received by your tiered organisations. This enables you to view Payments based upon the way that they were paid, summaries based upon Member and Subscription Type, and run reports on the payments made

The Filter allows you to filter on any dates within the range of dates that are currently being shown in your Transactions listings. Use Subscription Options to update dates to view more payments.