Uploading Race Results

Quick Steps: Events > Event Console > Race Results

1. Within the Management Console, select Events from the top menu, then Event Console next to the Event

2. From the left hand menu, click on Race Results
3.Click Add and Create a Title for your results page

4.In the Results Format, select the fields that you would like to show on your results page. You are able to rename the fields as required

5. The Certificate tab allows you to create a certificate for the entrant by using the wisywig editor. This editor allows for images and links. There is also the option to allow entrants to Print out their certificate

6. The Facebook tab will provide integration with the entrants Facebook page, and allows you to customise a post for the entrant

7. Click Save

8. Once you have created the preferences for your results page, you will need to create a spread sheet based on the Result Format fields you have selected

9. Transfer your result information into the spread sheet you have created

10. To Upload your results, Click on the Clock icon, and select Import

11. Once uploaded, your results will appear in the Race Results menu. A race results tab will also appear on the front end Events form